Booking Information

Please read our Booking Information to better understand how we plan your day to a tee.

If you cannot find the answer to a question here, please feel free to contact us at: info@artisanweddingandeventco.com.au and we will contact you ASAP.

Booking Process:

  1. Date, Location & Time?
  2. Items to Hire?
  3. Delivery, Set Up & Pack Down Times?
  4. Your Email Address & Emails from us?
  5. Quote & Add Ons?
  6. ‘Hirer Information Form’ Link
  7. Security Bond – Due within 5 days of Booking Confirmation/Invoice
  8. Confirm Set Up Location
  9. Set Up Location Photo
  10. Final Payment Due – 30 days prior to your event



  1. Custom Orders & Trusted Vendors?
  2. Public Liability Insurance & Vehicle Access Permits?
  3. Correspondence & Site Visits?

1. Date, Location & Time

Date, Location & Time of your event, so we can confirm our availability?

2. Items to Hire

Which Items are you wanting to hire, so we can confirm they are available for your date?

3. Delivery, Set Up & Pack Down Times

Is your event at a home, park or venue (includes community halls)?

We require a minimum of 2 hours for Set Up prior to your event start time and 1 hour for Pack Down after your event concludes (This must be included in your venue/park booking times)*

If your wedding/event location is further than 25 metres from the closest car park, a Vehicle Access Permit must be arranged by The Hirer. If Vehicle Access cannot be arranged, please advise us so we can allow extra time for Set Up. A carting fee may be applicable

4. Your Email Address & Emails from us

Once we receive all the information above, we’ll ask you for your best email address so we can send you a ‘Hire Quote’

Please ‘Whitelist’ our email address so our emails don’t go to your junk/spam folder: info@artisanweddingandeventco.com.au

We kindly ask that you keep all emails to 1 email thread, this way we can easily find all correspondence with you.

wedding welcome sign

5. Quote & Add Ons?

In your quote you will receive offers to add on extras: Eg. Personalised Sticker Names & Date for the Welcome Sign, Extra Chairs or other Floral Arrangement options.

Example below: Noelle & Latrelle


These offers are an additional cost, if chosen.

6. ‘Hirer Information Form’ Link

Once all items are finalised we will send a link to our ‘Hirer Information Form’. This is where you fill in all the details we require to send you a Booking Confirmation & Invoice (payment details are at the bottom of your invoice) https://form.jotform.com/artisanweddingandeventco/hirer-information

7. Security Bond

Your $200 Security Bond is then due within 5 days of receiving your Booking Confirmation to ‘Secure Your Date’. This is additional to your Hire Costs and is Refunded In Full after your event (when equipment is collected in good condition)

9. Set Up Location Photo

We require a ‘Site Contact’ (Wedding Coordinator, Friend OR Relative) to meet us onsite at the start of our Set Up time to show us where to Set Up the equipment.

If for any reason a Site Contact is unable to meet us on the day, we require a back-up ‘Set Up Location Photo’ that includes landmarks to show us where we will be setting up. *EXAMPLE BELOW*

wedding event management

10. Final Payment Due – 30 days prior to your event

Final Payment of Hire Costs are due ‘No Less’ than 30 days before your event date.

You will receive an email as a reminder.

11. Custom Orders & Trusted Vendors

If there’s an item you are wanting to hire and we don’t have it in our catalogue, we will try our best to source it for you.

We have several trusted wedding & event vendors that we work closely with and we are happy to pass on their details to you if you wish to hire or get something made eg. Fresh or Artificial Flowers.

12. Public Liability Insurance & Vehicle Access Permits

Some parks and venues require a copy of our Public Liability Insurance Policy, if your Council OR Venue Coordinator asks for this, we are more than happy to email these details to them.

If a Council OR Venue requires the Booking Application to be under the Public Liability Insurance Holder, you will have to obtain ‘One-Off Event Insurance’ as our Insurance only covers our Equipment, not the wedding/event site. You can get ‘One-Off Event Insurance’ from the link below: https://www.localcommunityinsurance.com.au/insurance/event/public-liability.aspx

If your wedding location is further than 25 metres from the closest car park, we ask that you arrange with the council park bookings office to obtain a Vehicle Access Permit. If they require a Vehicle Access Permit you are more than welcome to forward our email address to them so we can send the relevant documents (The Vehicle Access Permit fee is to be paid by you, if applicable)

13. Correspondence & Site Visits

We offer unlimited email, phone or message correspondence with you all through your event planning. If you would like to meet at the event location, this can be arranged at an additional cost (Styling/Site Planning Consultation – $72 per hour, minimum 1hr)